Examinify - Computer Based Aseessment System

Examinify is online exam software that can be used in schools, colleges or by corporate companies. With a user-friendly interface, it saves an evaluator’s assessment time by 55%. It’s easy, flexible software and fully stand-alone that does not require

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 Examinify - Computer Based Aseessment System

Examinify can handle a large number of test sessions simultaneously. That means you can easily cater to a huge number of candidates smoothly without any hassle — a win-win for both test takers and the mangers.

Examinify is fully customizable and can easily be integrated to any website or CMS platform. It is a professional computerized testing application. In short, it makes testing easier for students and administrator. For example, admin can assign a staff to the exam, set time, set the number of questions, add instructions. It does not require internet connection. Smart cbt automates all assessment phases: authoring, scheduling, delivering, and reporting. It's easy to use and do not require expensive hardware to run.

Main Features

Works online and offline: The software works seamlessly even when the network is down and all the data is sent to the Examinify server when the connection is up again.
Flexibility and Configurability: The system has been designed to offer a high degree of adaptability to cover a great variety of usage scenarios. Numerous configuration features allow customizing Examinify to fit all possible requirements.
Analytics: Each student’s performance throughout the year is recorded and stored for students to analyze and improve. Web-based

Architecture: Examinify is Web-based and developed with XAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technology. User-friendly interface allows you to install and use Examinify by simply connecting one cable to the switch of your computer network. All the computers on the network will be able to use the application independently from the client’s operating system as a normal intranet website, with no need to install any additional software or plug-in.

Accessibility and Usability: Web interface conforms to the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard, the guidelines on Accessibility (W3C-WAI-WCAG 1.0) and Usability, to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities, including blindness.

Platform independent: It is fully Stand-alone; no Third-Party application is required to run this script.

Results and Statistics: Examinify outputs a variety of result pages, enabling various selection filters and providing numerous statistical indexes. Results and statistics can then be exported into various formats for filing or reworking. The test-takers can immediately be informed of the result of their test, or have it delivered via email.

Database Backup: Examinify comes with an easy to use database backup/restore utility to make sure your data is always safe.

Unique Tests: Examinify can simultaneously generate unique tests for different users by randomly selecting and sorting questions and alternative answers. This feature drastically reduces or eliminates the chances of cheating on the test.

Test Statistics & Analysis: Examinify provide complete statistical analysis on questions base on candidate choices. Administrator can easily see how candidate respond to questions on a test.

Fully Secured: Examinify is more secure than traditional Pen-and-Paper testing. It supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and includes various authentication levels to discriminate the access to the various sections (user/password, access level, group, IP

Test time, test activity, results, and statistics: every part of the test is managed and stored in the server, leaving no sensitive data in the users’ client computers.

More Graphical Reports: Examinify includes more graphical reports, giving you more insight on the status of your SMS portal.


  •  Create and manage unlimited courses/subjects and tests

  • Lot of useful candidate management tools

  • Simple candidate upload from CSV

  • Easy candidate scheduling and profiling

  • View and manage all scheduled tests

  • View and modify properties of all tests added to the system

  • User friendly admin dashboard

  • Generate Individual marked script

  • One-click test activation and deactivation

  • View past test records of candidate

  • Fully detailed question analysis for every test

  • Set server IP address to control client network connection status

  • Advance resource management system.

  • Life update on active student, finished student and waiting students at a glance

  • View Assessment results and export to different formats

System Requirements

  • Unix or Windows OS (cPanel Hosting Recommended)
  • Apache or IIS (Apache Recommended)
  • PHP Version 5.2 or higher
  • Curl Support (with SSL)
  • GD2 Image Library
  • JSON Enabled
  • PHP Memory Limit: 64 MB
  • MySQL Version 4.1.x and above
  • With MySQL Strict Mode disabled
  • Ioncube Loader


Regular License ₦65000

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  • Domain: Single Domain License
  • Support: Yes
  • Updates: Yes
  • Source Code: Yes
  • Installation Manual: Yes
  • Modification Yes
  • Extended Support $50/mo (optional)