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OBS offers you a genuine business opportunity to suit your life style and helping you live the life of your dream

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Grow Wealth

Anyone can grow wealth by investing. So OBS International has been build to help you grow your money by investing your money in risk free businesses

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Build Your Future

Ensure you'll have the funds you need now and in the future
by investing now and watch your wealth automatically grow.

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Earn As An Agent

An agent has access to an array of exciting commissions and incentives as they offer our services to the general public.

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Office Address
28, N.U.T Building, Ayetoro Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Support Line
08108068386, 07067325266
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00
Sunday Closed


OBS Int'l Secure Your Financial Future

Welcome to OBS Int'l an investment company that help its members Grow Wealth by investing their money in different angles of investment opportunity and maximally generating the highest return possible


In franchising, there are more than one opened opportunities, we are taking every possible advantage in Franchising from different angles, to make it a money raking business

Loan & Advances

This is a program for Members with one or two investments. It is put together for registered members’ welfare, personal contingencies, expected and unexpected responsibilities.

Web Services

This is our Web Design / Development Project. It is positioned to be the biggest of the OBS Despite being in the initial business plan of Olaoluwa Business Solution from inception.

Real Estates and Land Management

With resources within our reach, acquired landed properties are prepared for all registered members, to be acquired in parcels and access for buildings in accordance to specifications.

Green Revolution Concepts

This is our Agriculture / Farm Settlement Project. It is positioned to be one of the biggest of the OBS Despite being in the initial business plan of Business Executives International from inception.

Youth Enterprise / Empowerment

OBS encourages this through mentorship, counseling, guardians, and sponsorship in any interested field or enterprise but, Membership Registration is Required.


"Thank you OBS for providing passive income Best Investment Platform."
Oluwadare Adejumo
If it not OBS nothing else can be like it I perceive a much better financial future for me and my family.
Esther G Williems
"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper."
Paul Samson
Its great to invest with you, and i pray for them to always keep their words.OBS PAYS.
Oloyede K Tajudeen