Web Design Training


The Web Design TRAINING is organise by the web programming team at Hsoft Interactive Solution so it is a practical oriented training class. There will be a tutor lead section, class programming session and a project development section. Every student will be expected to complete a web project (an online library system or a shopping cart or both) using the technology learnt during the training. All graduand will benefit from free consultation service from Hsoft Interactive Ltd.

Technologies To Be Taught









Web Design

TIME 9:00am-2:00pm
DATE September 28th, 2018 - September 28th, 2018

TIME 10:00am-6:00pm
DATE November 3rd, 2018 - November 3rd, 2018

Training Venue

28, Ayetoro Road, N. U. T House,
Ogun State,

Adeyemi Fodilulahi Lead Instructor

Fodilulahi is the Senior Web Developer at Hsoft Interactive and a computer science graduate from British America University. He also freelances as a Web Technology Instructor at Web Academy Nigeria. Fodilulahi will be teaching the backend technologies.

Adegbegi Faith Daniel Instructor

Faith is a freelancer and a reputable digital marketer with with many years of experience. Before joining Hsoft Interactive Solution as Web Technology Instructor he has work with different companies both home and abroad, designing websites. Faith will be teaching the frontend technologies and also assisting with the practical sessions.

Onifade AzeezInstructor

Azeez is a Digital Multimedia Technology graduate. He works as a graphic designer and video editor at Top Crown Ltd (a media and film production company in lagos) at day and do web design at night. Azeez will be teaching some of the web technology and also assisting with the practical sessions.


Skill Requirement web design
No previous web technology skill set is required for this training but all student are expected to have good computer usage skill.

Skill Requirement Development
All students for this training are expected to have good knowlegde of HTML & CSS and must have designed a website before. If you do not have this requirement you can register for the WEBSITE DESIGN TRAINING

Hardware Requirement
All student are expected to come for the training with a laptop that has wireless LAN. Internet connection will be provided by Hsoft Interactive Limited

Software Requirement
All software needed for the training will be provided by Hsoft Interactive Limited.


Participants will be learning how to hand code HTML according to W3C standard. No mixture of content and presentation. Layout will be done using div and CSS technique, no room for table layout. All participants will design a beautiful car showroom website after the class on CSS has been taken. Apart from designing the car showroom website participants will register a domain and host the website online.


Because the web design training is about teaching participant the best practice in the industry all presentation will be via CSS. Participants will be given a slide tutorial to aid their learning and two free ebooks on CSS. These ebooks are written by industry expert.


For those new to computer programming JavaScript may be difficult but with the resource we will be providing in this web design training they will quickly fall in love with JS. We will be providing a code library to remove browser compatibility issue, a slide tutorial and an ebook to assist participants with learning this technology.


Building on the programming skills acquired in JavaScript classes, participant will be learning the most popular open source scripting language. We will be providing participants with tutorial video, online communities and ebooks to assisting their learning. At the end of the web design training participants should have completed a web project that will be hosted by them

Twitter Bootstrap

To simplify the task of frontend development, that is website design participant will be taught how to use Bootstrap Framework developed by Twitter for rapid website frontend development.


All the web apps developed during this web design training will have their database powered by MySQL the queen of open source technology on the web. Participant will be given a book on SQL.


Using all the previous technologies learnt in this training, participant will be shown the benefit of using WORDPRESS to shorten project development time.

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